GangstAgaves was born in the summer of 2016 after a night of drinking wine on the patio and discussing two of my favorite things: hip hop and plants. Naturally I decided that I wanted to have my plants growing in pots that featured some iconic artists, and was surprised to see that this didn’t already exist anywhere that I could find online. So, I learned how to make a mold, how to cast from that mold, and more that I ever thought I would about different types of cement. Each planter is about 6″ tall, and will be unique, since they’re all handmade. The designs are spray painted and hold up well in the elements. The planter can have no drainage (if you decide to keep inside and want agave/succulent types), or have a drainage hole if you’re more outdoorsy with your plants. More designs to come shortly.

**Specify drainage v. no drainage hole in the order notes